Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The war on dust

It is much better - We have this 12 ft ledge between our living room and kitchen - I haven't looked but I am sure there is dust there and that might be where it is coming from. The husband is going to have to bring in the ladder and vacuum. And he might as well do the china cabinet and the bookcase.

In my bedroom, I cleaned everything - except for under the bed. I would need a mask. Not that it is THAT bad, but I don't want to take any chances. My chest gets congested. So we have a date with the Kerby.

Now my little secret. Everyone tells me my house smells nice. What can I say? I sell Avon. I have samples and I spritz the pillows, and curtains, and the lamp shades. I turned on 2 of the air purifiers - the one with water -only I need to reorder some of the fragrance oils. NOTE: It does not smell like the cosmetic counter at Macys. THAT would give me a headache. It is a soft fragrance.

I hung the throw rugs outside - spritzed them a little too. Now the living room smells better. It might be just me and my imagination because no one else smells the dust. I have the doors and windows open and the ceiling fans on.

That should do it!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The smell of dust

I keep smelling dust in my house. No one else can - I've dusted, and washed - still smelling it. I moved the furniture, vacuumed - the smell is still there. I guess it could be worse - I could be smelling vomit, urine, or animal poop.

 I think my kitten is stirring up the dust...she gets into places I don't see.

It's actually making me sick - giving me a headache.

If I don't find it, I may just have to sprinkle pine sol all over, just to get rid of that smell.