Friday, August 29, 2014


I really have never liked working a job. I only do it for the money. When I have worked at jobs in the past, I get stressed out - can't stand the politics, and the pressure. So I naturally thought if I volunteered, it would be the same. Okay, I don't get paid - but the pressure is really off me. If I mess up, OH WELL. They can get rid of me but since no money is involved, it won't hurt me and my household financially. Maybe socially, but remember, I am a PROUD INTROVERT. I don't care one way or the other. This "works" for me.

It also gives me a boost of confidence. Plus, I like what my particular organization does - it helps Veterans and their families. We have adopted a Army-National Guard Unit who is deployed to Afghanistan. Once a month we hold a dinner for their spouses and children. The men at the post, do repairs around the house - and we all just help out what we can. I feel good about that! I never have felt GOOD about working a job. (Now I am talking more about working outside my home) I have always loved working within my home. When I used to do daycare - and various business ventures. With the exception of being a Nanny. I loved that!!!

Char volunteers about 15 to 20 hours a week at the VA Home. She plays games, plays pool - cards, fills up the many hummingbird feeders, does art - the only deal, She doesn't get paid. You can use any volunteer position on your resume so it does count. 

I am sure I will encounter some things that might overwhelm me. politics, gossip and yeah some pressure. I just have to keep reminding myself, it's not a JOB and if they let me go, OH WELL.

PS. Let me note, that my household could always use more income, so it's not like we are independently wealthy. The reason why we are strapped at times, is that I don't work jobs. However, I am a scrapper. I can always do what I have to do, to make some money. (all legal of course) I just don't like to work conventional jobs.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

desk + wine = job gets done!

Yesterday, I actually worked away from my home - at my desk, at the post for 4 hours - then took some of the work home to finish, because the Husband and I, share the car and he had to get to work. I ate my lunch there - had a glass of wine while I worked...I'm telling you, if every office-type job, had a bar and allowed you to have a glass of wine, 2 things would happen:

1. Some people would never get anything done
2. The others would relax and enjoy their job more.

The latter would be me. Of course I know that would never happen.

No, yesterday I went in to bail out our Treasurer and Secretary who is one person doing the 2 jobs, plus she works 2 jobs and is our volunteer bartender at the post. And  her car broke down so she is behind in all of her Auxiliary work. We have these deadlines - The $30 for the Bond on the President and Treasurer needed to be paid and sent out ASAP. We also needed to get our bank situation changed over from last years officers - we almost have that done. Membership dues had to be sent out along with a newsletter. A few other smaller tasks - so I went in and it all got done! (with 1 glass of wine) GRANTED I worked on it all, till about 8pm last night. By the time I went to bed, I was exhausted. Today I just have to get stamps and mail out everything. Whew!

Now I do share a office with some other board members from the Post but they are usually not there when I am. Plus we have a computer there, with a printer - I'm like a little girl in a candy shop. Now yesterday, I was not alone. Another gal had to come in to help me but we had an enjoyable time.

Too bad I don't get paid for this- but then again, that would ruin all the fun. (no wine)

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