Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Things are looking up for a change

Rainy day here - more like drizzle. But we Northern Californians are so happy to see any kind of moisture!  The State plans to regulate our groundwater, next will be our morning dew. You wait!

It won't last long. Just enough to keep us from having to water the lawns and that is fine - even though we pay more for less.  I'm telling you, we are living the California DREAM!!! (NTS)

Good news: Navy applied for a job at (whereelse?) the California Veterans Retirement Home. Why not? The husband works there, the Father-in-law will be living there shortly - Step-daughter, Char volunteers there and I deliver videos donated by the VFW Ladies Auxiliary. So they called him for an interview. Pays more than where he is at now and is union. Once he gets through the 60-90 days probation, he's good. Then he can use it as a step to a better career-type job within the State of California. Then he will use his "veteran preference" which they can only use once and he did not.

I look at it as a step toward him moving out and taking his brother (Foodie) with him. Oh first he wants to get a car because not only does he use my office as his bedroom, but he uses our BEAST to get to and from work. He's been saving to purchase a good car.

All in all, it may have been a rough ride for rural Californians, but things are looking up. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Good news!

The father-in-law was accepted into the Cal Veterans Retirement Home! They take out a percentage of his social security - about 80% which will leave him more spending money ($200+) than the measly $30 he gets now. We are all so happy for him. He gets a private room-studio complete with furnishings, and all his meals. They really do pamper them, there at the VA. We should hear sometime today or this week, when his moving date will be. They initially told us, sometime in Nov. He's been here since Nov 1 of last year, when his in laws back in Wisconsin dumped him on us. It just so happened, Char and her husband was moving down here from Washington, on Nov 1. All of a sudden we were FULL of family. It was not a good situation, looking back but it did all work out.

Char has filed for divorce - because she is on SSI,they waived her fee so it was basically FREE.  She will take back her maiden name.

The husband is now working a swing shift - with Fridays and Saturdays off. (4pm to midnight) He showers at work before he comes home - (to save on water and germs) and crawls into bed around 12:45 am. It is nice having a warm body to sleep next to, now that the cooler nighttime temperatures are with us again.