Thursday, October 23, 2014

Doors (rant)

Is there a phobia (for real) about doors who are left open?

 I have a thing about doors. I like them closed when they should be closed and open when they should be open. I don't like them slammed - I don't like them half open-or half-closed.  Mostly I like them closed.

As I get older, I am finding I am a real stickler about the doors. Must be an age thing, because 20 years ago, I don't believe I was this obsessed with the doors. But hear me out...WHY CAN'T THEY REMEMBER TO CLOSE THE DOOR???? The laundry room door bugs me the most. It goes out from the hallway - to the laundry room, and then out to the garage. When it is HOT, our very smart local educated flies want to cool off inside the house. Who can blame them? So I want my people, to close the door because I don't LIKE flies. Do they?  Half the time, they just pull it shut but don't "click it closed". Am I making any sense here?  I am also obsessed with them making sure the door is clicked shut. If I don't hear it, I say something. Nine times out of ten, I have to get up and check for myself because I don't want any flies coming in.

Is this a fly issue or a door issue??? 

The sliding glass door - We'll be talking and someone is grilling. It's 115 outside and they talk with the door open. No screen. The kitten could get out - flies could come in - cool air that I pay a arm and a leg for, gets out. I tell them. It just doesn't seem to sink into their brains.

The husband is the same way. We are in the bedroom. I am trying to sleep. He goes out of the room and leaves it partially shut (not clicked shut) all because he says, he is "coming right back."  I don't care if he is coming right back. Just close the damn door. 

I honestly think there is a plot against me to drive me crazy.

PS. This felt so good to get off my chest. Now, close the door - click it all the way shut so I can hear that it is closed. Thank You.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Local elections

Boy in these rural towns and counties here in Northern California, local elections are downright, mean-spirited and hostile. They act just like the BIG BOYS from Sacramento. I'm waiting for them to get out their 6 shooters and start a major ruckus downtown. There are those who do not want to see any progress. They are content to sit and complain about crime yet when anything positive comes across the ballot, they don't trust it and usually vote against any type of change. It is SO ANNOYING.

I find it unappealing, when they all argue and fight and talk awful about one another. It turns me off just like when their BIG BROTHERS do it in DC.  Not to mention, the phone calls - ROBO Calls and my mailbox is stuffed full with their propaganda. 

Oh God, just MAKE IT STOP.

Can't we all just get along?