Saturday, October 25, 2014

Germs at church

I'm not a complete Germaphobe like Monk but I could be easily if I ever got grossed out enough.

I really don't like hugging people in church - or even that "meet and greet" where everyone is FORCED to get up and shake someones hand. I hate that! Why can't we just stick up our hand and say, "Hi".  Why, is that not "Christ-like?" Especially during the cold and flu season. And now with all these other diseases floating around. I don't want to hurt any ones feelings but I guess I should just bring hand wipes and wipe after I shake a hand and not care. I'd much rather, just say, "hi" and sit down.  Church is definitely NOT for the phobic. Why can't they figure that out???

My husband and Char think I am crazy. (Father like Daughter I guess) My sons, are fine without all the hugging and shaking hands - of course they do not attend church. Actually, I haven't been to church in months. I am "between" churches. Trying to find the one perfect one!

We get together 2 times a month with friends for a home fellowship. I like that. I am comfortable with that. It seems more caring and loving and it suits me. Plus I already know them, I don't need to shake their hand. I can raise up my hand, and give a quick, "Hi" and no one gets hurt. They know me and love me, just the way I am. Now that, is Christ-like, in my book.

Friday, October 24, 2014


Today the husband is at the local Stand-down, working with horses. A Stand-down is a Veteran event that helps plug homeless veterans into services. My husband is working with a group that uses horse therapy for veterans with PTSD. My husband also, has been prescribed the same therapy for his issues as well and since he loves horses, this is perfect for him. He will be gone all day and when he comes back home, he will smell like a cowboy! Maybe I should make a pot of chili tonight for dinner.

I'm sitting on my bed, with little Susie to my side. She is so stinkin' cute and getting big. I am loving the quiet of this morning. I do miss my Daisey Mae...that all happened so fast. I miss not having a big dog around. Our day will come...just have to be patient.

It rained lightly yesterday - was dreary and cold. It is amazing though, with the drought we have been in, how green everything becomes just after a day or two of rain. 

My father-in-law moves in to the Va Retirement Home on the 19th of Nov.  It will be so much nicer. Clean and NEW. No one else has lived in his studio. He will be the first. IT comes with everything he needs, just about. Even a flat screen TV and a lounger chair! The place he is at now is clean, I guess. It's just so crowded. I tend to hold my breath, or take fewer breathes, because I KNOW there are germs there. I don't feel that way in the VA Home because it is so new and not crowded.

Last week we had dinner with him where he lives and afterwards, we went back to his room which he shares with another man. He couldn't get back into his room right away, because the man he rooms with, had a major accident while in bed and they had to clean. THAT is what I am talking about. I feel for him, that he has to live in that. Having your own room to yourself is so much healthier.