Friday, February 23, 2018

Oh the Struggle

I am not a naturally sweet and kind person. It takes a lot of EFFORT. My instincts are to be sarcastic and bitchy. I'm working hard NOT to be like that in my old age. The old ladies I used to look up to as a kid, were the cute little old ladies. I liked them because they may be sweet, but deep within them, were fighters. They were strong-willed and could handle anything that came their way without groaning and moaning about it. That's how I want to be.

Like I said, it's hard though. People bug me sometimes and my resting bitch face that I inherited from my mom worked great when I had little boys- I could flash them my "mean mommy look" and they knew not to mess with me. Thankfully I never had to lay a hand on them. Now I find when I am standing in the grocery line, the cashier apologizes to me. I'm like, "It's okay"  It's that mean look revealing itself once again.

So I've been purposely trying to have a resting smile, on my face. It's almost a habit now but all too quickly I can revert back to my default witch face. I notice how many people smile back at me, instead of clearing a path AWAY from me. Even though on the inside, I'm still in one of those "people bug me moods." If they don't approach me for anything, we're all good. I'm as nice as I have to be.

Friends who know me, say I am sweet and nice but they also know I can handle myself and have when the occasion arose.

What about you? What is your default resting face? Are you sweet and nice? Or should I run when I see you?

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Cold Snap

Wouldn't you know it - as soon as we plant our almond and cherry tree, we finally get a hard freeze? We don't get these that often. Supposed to get down to like 26 tonight. Oh well, what can we do? I heard the California Almond Growers use sprinklers - and some of the local nurseries are recommending Christmas lights. That won't work for us - we just packed everything away and to the back of our storage in the garage.

We need to be more on the ball next time.

There needs to be a law that garden places can't sell deciduous trees when there still is the possibility of a freeze. Although that would cost them in profits here in California, when one week it's 80 and then next it's a hard free. Perhaps some time for a guarantee for if the weather should change within 10 days of your purchase? That would work. Yeah, for some they say we already have too many laws. I'm not thinking political here- I'm thinking like a concerned gardener.

I crack myself up at times, when I caught myself saying to the husband,

"I can't wait for this winter to end."

REALLY? We've had a beautiful Spring this past winter! So I get a little cold and I've had it. Not really. If it had stayed cold without any peekaboo spring, I could cope better. Like last year, it rained and rained and rained.

I miss the rain.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Too close for comfort

This week we had some excitement in my neighborhood. My "other" next door neighbor, had their truck stolen right from the driveway. She had posted it on Next Door and I was shocked. According to her, Mark had locked it. These were not just regular "tweakers" out to steal a car. They were professional and had the tools, to make the job easier. They did find the truck the next day; arrested the driver who was somewhat innocent. The truck had been given to him, by the thief. The driver just played dumb. Come to find out, the car thief had a record of 11 cars stolen. This truck was his 12th!

I live in a good area - nice neighborhood. Lately, we have been hearing of car theft as well as homes being broken into. The Shasta County Sherriff just busted a chop shop in the area on Friday. All the people knew what was going on there; took the sheriff too long to actually make some arrests.

Our problem is we do not have adequate law enforcement. Our city police are under-staffed as well as the county PLUS our jail is crowded. We need more beds.  California has decriminalized many former felonies, so what happens, are they arrest them, and then they go back on to the street. Most of them never see a day in court. 

Crime is UP in my county. Honestly, I don't notice it too much, like the locals because I grew up in the crowded San Francisco bay area. There's crime there all the time - it's part of living in an urban area. 

One time my husband was walking our dog in an industrial area next to the SF Bay and he witnessed someone getting killed in the back of a car. Thank GOD, they did not see him as he sheltered himself and our dog behind a building and some bushes. They dragged the dead guy out of the car, stuffed him in the trunk of another vehicle and drove off, probably to be fitted for cement shoes and a swim in the bay. After the coast was clear, he ran over to a car auction place and called the police. They came out and sure enough, there were empty gun shells and blood. Police told my husband, that he was more than fortunate they did not see him. We never heard anything more about it - not even in the newspaper because as the police said,

  " you'd be surprised how much this happens." 

We had no idea! Street smarts are something you have to have, living in an urban area. You also cannot be afraid. I refused to live in fear. I just knew where to go; what to look for etc. NEVER had an issue. 

So when we moved up here and the locals started saying how bad it was - it was coming from their own perspective. They never used to have to lock their vehicles or their homes. They could go out at night and no problems. Back then, there was not an opiate epidemic as there is now; in urban and rural areas of California. Comes to reason, they have to steal to get their drugs. 

So the husband is diligent in locking everything up - we park our van in my newly clean and organized garage and if and when we get a 2nd vehicle, we'll park it where we used to park our 34-foot motorhome; behind a locked security gate.

I still like it here - When I am out driving around, it feels like I am on vacation. I can't get over the natural beauty that is here. It would have to get real bad for me to consider leaving. 

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