Friday, June 23, 2017

How do you spell relief?

I shouldn't be feeling so fatigued this early in the summer but our heatwave was brutal. It has wiped me out. I tried not to even think that or say it out loud. We're supposed to start cooling down starting today. But you know how that goes; It's SLOW.

110 today
111 on Sat
105 on Sun
100 on Monday
99 on Tuesday
97 on Wednesday
97 on Thursday

My step-daughter and I were supposed to go swimming in the evening, but just too hot. I heard the water was like bath water, it was wall to wall people and the metal pool handles were scorching. Next week will be enjoyable.

I also have a ton of laundry to do. Those Flex alerts, asking us to conserve - 9am-10pm no washing, drying, dishwashing and to turn our AC to 78. Actually, when it is this HOT, 78 inside is still cool. But shhhhh, don't tell anyone, I set mine at 77.

And to make matters worse - our AC in our van went out again. We had the AC checked in April. I had saved the amount to actually install a new one but they said they fixed the leaks. 2 months later, it has no cooling whatsoever. So, tomorrow the husband will take it back and one way or another, we'll have air.

I belong to that neighborhood watch website called Next-Door and we all watch out for each other. Many reported their AC's went out in their home. Just one of the many "why's" in life...Why does the AC always go out in a heatwave or Why does the furnace go out in a coldsnap???

Relief is on its way.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Summertime HOT

Sacramento River

I live in the far northern part of California's Central Valley. We have HOT and dry summers. Since I live at the very end, mountains surround the valley on all three sides. The Hot air gets trapped here- it's like a 3 sided bowl or like a horseshoe. We are having a hot spell- 113 yesterday. Possibly 117 on Thursday. The hottest I have experienced here was 123 back in the 70's when I came up to visit my parents when they moved from our coastal town in the Bay area. We helped them move and I hadn't felt such heat, since Needles, Ca. I was miserable back then and swore up one side and down the other, I would NEVER move up here. Advice: Never Swear! and Never say Never! 

Before my mom passed in 2008, we were sick of the hustle and bustle of urban life on the San Francisco Peninsula and were plotting to eventually leave for a more serene, rural place. My sister and I inherited the house - I bought my sister out, and we moved to this semi-rural part of Shasta County. We had actually considered Alaska.

That first summer here was a real eye opener. I was used to the cool, ocean and bay breezes in summer. Oh and that infamous summer fog. (San Francisco's natural air-conditioning) I soon found that if I do everything I need to do in the morning, and literally "chilled" inside in the afternoon, it was bearable.  Surprisingly, I grew to really love it here, HOT weather and all. Our HOT weather comes with very low humidity- 10% or less and there is still a lot of snow on Mt Shasta and Mt Lassen.

I am swimming every morning - it's absolutely beautiful. The HOT dry weather is good for my aching bones. I live with chronic pain every day and have for years. I still ache, but not like I do in the winter, or down in the bay area. Swimming really helps, as a pain reliever. So while the extreme heat is HOT, I am enjoying some low pain days. I could totally live in Arizona.

It's still early in the season, so I don't complain much. In fact, I find the more I complain about the heat, the hotter it seems to get. My complaining usually starts mid-August. By then, I am sick of it. It usually takes another 6 weeks for it to cool down.

Summer for California doesn't start until 9:24 PM (PST) tonight. Happy Summer. Enjoy.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Big dog owners versus small dog owners

What is it, with small dog owners (not all of them) when they walk their little pooches, they never pick up the poop????  Is it because it is really small and it just composts back into the ground?

Sure their little dogs are adorable, but their poop is not. At least I don't think so!

See, big dog people can't get away with that! People see you walking your big dog, and they give you the evil eye and watch you out their window. Some of us are lugging around these huge bags of dog poop and these little dog people, just walk on by, leaving the itty bitty deposit on the lawn. Grrrrrrr.

I had this one little old lady, we used to call the "Kleenex Lady." She had a little old dog and it always pooped on the sidewalk. (a little dog trait) She would pick it up with her kleenex and then throw it into the gutter. The gutter drains into our creeks and streams. Not to mention, what a mess it would make. I went out several times and told her NOT to do that and she acted as if, she couldn't hear or was having a hard attack. So she continued to do it - right in front of my house and I had to give up. Then one day, she wasn't there - and the next day...and the next. She or the dog either died or moved away. PROBLEM SOLVED.

When my 3 little boys were running across the beautiful green grass at the park, they would ALWAYS step in "little dog poop" because they couldn't see it. At least with BIG DOG poop, you can see it, smell it, and there are usually flies.

Having had to clean the dog crap off my boy's shoes, NEVER underestimate the potency and staying power of "little dog poop".

BIG dogs rarely poop on the sidewalk. If they do, they probably have worms or they are old. Okay I admit, they like to pick out the most beautifully manicured lawn and squat - and almost always, the owner of the home, drives up RIGHT WHEN your dog is doing their deed. You feel guilty and for what? You know you will pick it up but the neighbor doesn't. They keep watching you. It's nerve racking!


We have the BIG DOG side and the little dog side. Big dogs play rough. Little dogs play rough. But combine them together and a little dog will get hurt and a little dog owner gets mad. It really bugs me when they come into the big dog yard and expect the BIG DOGS to behave. They do it all the time. BIG dog owners are always apologizing for their big dogs, being big dogs, whereas little dog owners NEVER apologize when their little snippy yapper, bites a big dog. They think it's cute.

Whew! Felt good getting all of that off my chest.

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