Sunday, May 13, 2018

Natural Disasters

As I prepare to scatter my son's ashes over Mt Shasta, a newspaper article I read yesterday said, that Mt Shasta was one out of 3 volcanoes that are considered HIGH PRIORITY; which includes Mt.Mount Kilauea, and Mount Shasta. According to the USGS, the chances of Lassen erupting are even higher than the chances of the Bay Area experiencing a major earthquake.

I can see both Mt Shasta and Lassen from my house.

I still would rather live here, than hurricane or tornado country.

Not afraid of earthquakes or Volcanic eruptions. With an eruption, I am sure we would have ample time to evacuate. Earthquakes are another story. Frankly, I like my natural disasters to be spontaneous.

I have a hard time packing for vacation; let alone packing to evacuate my home. Oi Vey, the traffic trying to get out. Nope, I think better on my feet and in the moment.

I do feel awful for those in Hawaii. My friend Cindy, was just there last summer, on a cruise around the Hawaiian Islands. At one point, the ship stopped so they could see Mt. Kilauea at night.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Happy Birthday Dad / Happy Anniversary to Mom and Dad

Yesterday was my dad's birthday. He would have been 86. He's been gone now 11 years. He died way too young.

It also was my parent's wedding anniversary - married in 1953. A good way for your husband to remember the anniversary. Ha, Mom was smart!

I'm just as smart. My husband remembers the month (February) but sometimes thinks it's Valentines Day (14) It's the 16th. So we programmed our security pad, by using our anniversary and year.

Now he should never forget again.

Friday, May 11, 2018

It's now a waiting game

Bunny Flat 

So I contacted the local cremation place and told them I needed some help in scattering my sons' ashes. I get the new guy! He keeps saying to me, he is sorry for my loss, as if it just happened. I'm kinda ashamed to admit, NO it's been 15 years! He tells me, he is still sorry. That was nice.

So, I game them this permit from Los Angeles County, where Michael passed. I already paid for a permit, but he tells me since it's been 15 years, I need to pay for another permit. $15 - Then I need another permit for the county I wish to scatter his cremains. I have decided I want them scattered over Mt Shasta. I see this great BIG beautiful, snow-covered volcano every day! It's perfect! The cost is a mere $345 just to fly over and scatter. It will probably take place sometime this month, once we get the permits and official permissions.

What a headstone!  Once or twice a year, I can drive up to the mountain and if not, all I have to do is walk out my front door to see it.

I do feel a sense of relief. It is time.

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