Wednesday, September 20, 2017

More on Boobs

Originally posted Nov 10, 2012

After all these years, I have come to the realization that smaller boobs are better.  You look better in your clothes and if you look around at all the little old ladies out there, the ones that look the best in their clothes and look younger, are the ones with the little boobs. Big boobs make a woman look matronly before her time.

Then you have these women, now days who go out and spend good money on...bigger breasts. I don't know, I guess I was born just too dog-gone practical, but someone that has that kind of money... it seems a shame that they couldn't do something more humanitarian rather than, spending money to have men look at you - seems rather ostentatious.  Come on,  give the men in your life, a gun to fondle or a football. Alright, so some of them may be in show-business. I get that.  It's a business write-off.   And they can insure them.  Okay.

When you're talking to a man, whether he be a young man or an older gent - they do not look you in the eyes.  And the thing is, I am a legal senior citizen! (58) And they still look.  How sick is THAT? 

Big boobs make you sweat.  During menopause, it's bad enough you are having hot flashes - but for those who are big-breasted are also endowed with abundant sweat.  Sorry ladies, the hot flashes will eventually diminish but you're still going to be, stuck on Hot.  I have to wear cotton to feel cool and comfortable.  Polyesters and crepe materials make me sweat more.  Today's styles consist of too many blends and not enough absorbent, cool cottons.  

Cleavage.  It always shows, unless you wear a turtleneck.  I am a Nanny and I try to dress comfortable and modest since the Dad works out of the home.  That limits me even more on what to wear.  And then there are the little children throughout the years in my care, whose mothers breast-feed their little sibling - and who are as brutally honest as they can be -  inquisitive and innocent - and always at an inappropriate time.

Well I think I have finally gotten all of this OFF MY CHEST once and for all. I am reminded of a breast exercise we used to do in high school directed by our lesbian gym teachers chanting,

"We must, we must we must improve our bust...for fear, for fear, the boys they won't come near." 

I thought the women's movement of my day, would of eliminated such silliness over a body part.

NOTE: After someone made the comment on Dolly Parton and breast augmentation surgery. I could not find if that was true or not. If anything, I found that while her endowment was heavenly blessed, she did add to her bust-line. As recent as last year, Jan 2012 - she revealed a tattoo of a flower, nestled between her big sweaty boobs, and with that I REST MY CASE.

what is that????  It looks vulgar.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Big Boobs are over-rated

The Manzere
Originally posted - Friday, November 09, 2012 - It had 222 hits.

I changed out my summer clothes with the winter stuff, yesterday. As I am trying things on, I notice that everything is snug across the bust, but everything else fits fine. I hate that! I have to donate perfectly good tops, because they won't fit.  My mom who was a little petite gal, used to say, that BIG BOOBS were over-rated.  I can see that now.

My sister and I took after Grandma in the boob department.  I remember when I started developing,  I was ashamed.  Boys kept starring at me - I hated to wear sweaters. I developed first in my class of girls. Boys would pull my bra strap in back. Not cool.  Then the other girl's started to develop and one thing I noticed, we all looked different. Some really shot out BIG while others dragged along, sometimes having to stuff their bra's with Kleenex. (Do girls' even do that anymore?)

They are good to have, when you are younger - but once you hit menopause and post-menopause, they are a DRAG.  They get bigger. They are HEAVY.  No bra fits right anymore unless you find one that looks like a steel helmet for your boobs.  If you go bra-less, you sweat under-neath your boobs.  I'm wearing sport bras, because they are way more comfortable and tend to cut down a little on "the bounce."

The husband just doesn't get it. He practically split a gut once - when I came home with a "Minimizer Bra".

He's like, "WHY?"

See the deal is,  men deep down wish THEY HAD BIG BOOBS.  

Well they can have them. 

Monday, September 18, 2017

PET PEEVE - People who back into their parking space in a public parking lot

I've almost been hit a few times- with these people who back in their parking space - they "reversed" into their parking spots then they pull out in front of me.  Many times, the parking aisle is one way. Men do this more than women. There they are, slightly reclined in the driver's seat with their right arm over the passenger seat. Then they turn their steering wheel with ease and back right in. BUGS ME. What is the purpose of doing that? ACTUALLY, I checked into this. When men parked, they took MORE effort - to wiggle in, reverse. Delayed gratification because if you back in and pay the price at the beginning, you don't have to wiggle your way out when you leave. Silly men!

Another pet peeve is when people drive through the parking lot to the empty space in front of them - pointed nose out -  Once again, dicey on a one way. Then when you are cruising the parking lot, going in the right direction, you are mostly looking for those backing out, not coming through. When they do this, they tend to demand the right of way. Old women and men do this a lot.

I wonder, are there any LAWS regarding this. Once I saw a cop sitting in a parking space and he yelled at some woman who was driving through the parking spaces. She almost caused an accident. He didn't get out to give a ticket - just yelled at her.

Why can't people follow the common-sense-rules? It's not like it gets them any better parking space. I think, people who do this, think they are somewhat smarter than the rest of us.

"Haha, I am so smart, I drove right on through to park."
" I'm too good to park the right way." 
"My way or the highway."

On occasion, my husband has backed into a parking space at Lowes or Home Depot. He says it's so he can get out faster.


He has also, driven through the parking slot at the grocery store - which is idiotic because when you come out with groceries, you have to maneuver the shopping cart in between the other cars to get to your trunk.

He doesn't do it anymore with me.

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